Jotipāla's life story contradiction on MN-81 and DN-19

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I have a question about Jotipāla’s life, I found out some contradictions.

Here’s in MN 81, the earlier life of Jotipāla was a Brahmin, but later then he becomes a monk under the Buddha Kassapa. But the story in DN 19, Jotipāla was a Brahmin who becomes a High Steward and got many followers, but it is not mentioned that he was a monk in that time.

Anyone here could give me a hint where’s the link connection of these two stories?

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They are most likely two different people.

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Yes, it’s a common name, meaning “guardian of the fire”. Fire-worship was a core Vedic ritual, so this would have originated as a functional title.


thanks for the answer, very helpful :smile:

Thanks bhante. :smiley:
I have been searching for the meaning of “Jotipala”, this very helpful .

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