Kaleidoscope :-)

Just remembering the countless hours of looking through a kaleidoscope as a child…

Characteristics of the conditioned


When I was a kid, lying in bed and looking at the wallpaper produced a similar experiece. :smiley:


:smiley: :smile: How cool is that! Such different responses :heart_eyes:

LOL My focus was more to do with the sutta
"Mendicants, conditioned phenomena have these three characteristics.
What three?
Arising is evident, vanishing is evident, and change while persisting is evident.
These are the three characteristics of conditioned phenomena.”

I thought of using a kaleidoscope as a metaphor for the constant conditional change in all phenomena as well as their perception. EG theories, beliefs, socially agreed ‘reality’… all just a rotation of the kaleidoscope… Rather than focusing on the ‘light show’. But, granted, it was a very ‘hypnotic’ video representation of a kaleidoscope. :smile:
Just a few mirrors, and movement, and look what happens :smiley: let alone when we take into account our long karmic journey, and everything that has gone into the individuals we are at this moment…

All the realities
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With much metta :sunflower::revolving_hearts::sunflower:


So beautiful!

That’s why we are again and again attracted to these conditioned phenomena … but in the end they don’t hold … as a kid, when the kaleidoscope finally breaks. A few bits of colored glass or plastic are all that’s left …


Light shows are excellent metaphors for anīcca.

and of course it applies to everything.

@Gabriel_L, thanks for the Lindahl article. I won’t comment til I’ve read it.