Kasina in Suttas, particularly MN 77

Reading again MN 77, the Mahasakuludayi Sutta, I was struck by the huge array of kasina practices.

Does the provenance of MN 77 and its parallels in the Agamas, indicate to you that this is an early text? I just don’t recall seeing so many highly elaborated kasina practices anywhere else. This, plus the catalogue nature of the sutta in general, raises doubts in me. But I refer to your scholastic background, not to my personal reactions.


I can’t find the thread anymore, but I remember that MN 77, its peculiar content and its authenticity was discussed in a larger topic before.

Maybe someone remembers the thread and can refer to it here?
And here is a lot of info regarding Kasinas:

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Is this it? (MN 77 is mentioned a couple of times)

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Ah thank you! that’s the thread I had in mind

Thank you for the reference to the other thread. I’d read that and while MN 77 is mentioned once, not much is said about it. I’m still with this question about the elaboration of kasina practice being a later addition.

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