Kitty refuge in the Buddha

or… hiding as I know I’ve been naughty (my name may be Suci but sometimes I just can’t help myself)…!


That’s a good and adorable kitty! Thank you so much for sharing this.


“…and as the Buddha sat there in quiet repose, Mara the Evil One pounced & prowled about, looking for an opening…”


Mara cannot possibly be this cute … :heart_eyes_cat:


Surely one of Mara’s daughters, then…



Oh no, my name is Suci, I try to be pure in heart, even though I still have some defilements. I try to be good but sometimes they get the better of me and I run around and do things I know I’m not supose to do. I like to be near the Buddha as he protects me. I’ll help scare away Mara’s daughters. I’ve got sharp claws, he he (oops don’t worry, I won’t hurt them, I’ll just scare them)

I’m hoping for a human rebirth next time, but I have to say I have a pretty good life here ever since my human mum adopted me. I was a scared little abandoned kitty, but conditions sure changed for the better. I like to meditate with my mum and also climb on the bookshelf and sit on her sutta books. I can’t read English yet but I pick up the energy, and sometimes she reads them to me.


And the statue is quite wonderful also. This is Amitābha Buddha if I’m not mistaken. Photos give a peaceful feeling!

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Thanks Venerable. I didn’t know this. I got it many years ago at a flea market. I liked the peaceful feeling it gave me and also, I wanted to support the vendor who was going through a difficult time.

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Yes, probably inspired by the one found in Kōtoku-in