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A monastery without boundaries, without walls and without prejudice.

SuttaCentral is a safe haven for many travellers who are seeking the words spoken by the Buddha.
There is so much information out there and it is easy to get side tracked and lose sight of what your are really looking for.
SuttaCental cuts to the chase and helps you to find the words spoken by the Buddha in your own language.
It is not a simple task to keep the website free, safe and accessible on different devices, systems and platforms.
We have a team of professionals working hard behind the scenes on a daily basis to keep our doors open.

Here are just three improvements we are currently working towards:

  1. Integrate the voice assistant to listen to Dhamma on audio.
  2. Introduce a sophisticated “search” facility to locate suttas.
  3. New translation software specially for translating suttas.

We are at your doorstep today asking for your financial support.

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