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For your consideration. A clear authenticity rating for a Sutta, and a clear way to see if it has parallels in Chinese cannon ect.

Hey guys, your Donations button won’t work on my Android phone

and counting …

All the parallels are clearly marked in the list of suttas.

If you go to any list of suttas, you see this:

The number of parallels is shown on the right (with the green badge). Open it up and you get to see them:

I’ll put this on the issue list. What exactly does not work? Can you get to the donations page and then what happens if you click on the green Donate-button? What browser are you using?

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Hi all,

I moved this thread from Essays to Feedback to put it with others regarding new site issues.


Hi, chrome. The button does nothing

My prior issue with this website, and I would like to adress ajahn Sujato with this feedback, is the index system. The a b c d e ect. In a square shape. That confused the perdition out of me. Also the first time I looked at the list of MN Suttas, they were all out of order.

Hi I managed to give Dana but not with the anjali symbol button that droops down when you press the three vertical dotts in the top left of the screen.

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Feedback Above. The anjali donations symbol that drops down when you press the three dots in the top right of the screen did not work on chrome, android

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Hi, I have a bug to report. Using oppo a57, android. Even if I turn my screen side ways I get only a partial stop msg when trying to reply to my new friend awarewolf in a feedback board I created. The msg is halfway off my screen not dead centre. So I imagine the site is PC friendly? And I am a guessing a new member only gets so many reply’s a day?

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Crap sorry awarewolf posted in the wrong place. You have a master?

I tried to reproduce the problem with editing or writing responses and will post the screenshots in the error thread @Ajahnbrahmsrabbit.

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Thanks sister

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I take it that is this post here:

And my answer was:
For using the forum on a phone, I would first of all recommend using the Android or iOS app, downloadable from the appstore (app is called Discourse). Also, if you find this theme does not work very well on your phone, simply switch back to the old theme in your preferences.