Knowing one achieved stream entry

I wonder how would one know if one were to have insight after jhana if it would be stream entry?

Has a lot to do with the amount of Loving-kindness you feel towards all beings including you.

Do you still have self-view? Do you still have doubts about the buddhadhamma? Do you still see the conventions of religious ritual as part of the path toward liberation?


It’s good if folks could keep their answers supported by the EBTs or at least qualify them if they are not.


See my previous answer to this question here:


In addition to what @1hullofaguy said, you realize how much suffering the 5 hindrances produce and you want to go back to a state without the 5 hindrances, but this only applies to the stream entry fruit attainer, and not the path attainer who only has theory and faith to go by, and not direct experience.

See MN 48 for the list of things a sotapanna fruit attainer has that’s not shared with ordinary people, the key thing is being able to overcome the 5 hindrances and knowing for certain that dependent origination is true (and thus no self).

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Hi why always talking about the arising if in jhana one experiences cessation. Does that question make sense? If not I’ll clarify

Jhana is not the ultimate aim of practice, and insight demands recognition of situations where hindrances arise:

"He discerns how there is the arising of unarisen sensual desire. And he discerns how there is the abandoning of sensual desire once it has arisen. And he discerns how there is no future arising of sensual desire that has been abandoned. "

—Majhima Nikaya 10

Well these 2 statements are in conflict.

If one attain and perfected samma samadhi (jhana), one would have abandoned sensual pleasure for good.

There won’t be any arising of sensual desire ever because the wisdom of abandoning sensual pleasure has been perfected before the jhana knowledge can be maintained.

However if one refer jhana as non samma samadhi, then i can see why it can be confusing. Hence the statement is being mentioned.

But in Buddha teaching samma samadhi (jhana) is higher achievement than sensual pleasure.