LaTeX sources of some SuttaCentral books missing footnote contents

While studying the Majjhima Nikaya from the PDF / ePUB versions, I came across this issue where the footnotes are missing from some of the books. Specifically, of the three MN books, the first book has the footnotes while the second and third don’t.

As an example, I take MN1 and MN51 for simplicity. MN1 has a footnote appearing at the end of the first sentence - the asterisk immediately after “SO I HAVE HEARD.”, as seen expanded on the web version here.

The PDF presents the same footnote at the bottom of the page as seen in the next screenshot.

The LaTeX source file has the corresponding ‘\footnote{…}’ code to generate the footnote.

Now let’s take MN51. There is a footnote that pops up via the asterisk at the end of the first paragraph, after “Sangha of mendicants.”.

The PDF (and ePub) don’t have this footnote.

The LaTeX source is missing the corresponding ‘\footnote{…}’ code.

As an aside, I’ve tried to clone the MN source files from the git repo in order to run LaTeX on my own machine to fix / build / test, but it looks like there are unmet dependencies (with pdfTeX, LuaTeX and XeTeX on Linux), so it would help if anyone can point me to a simple README that describes the dependencies and the build process you’re using to generate the ePUB or PDFs.


Just bringing in @HongDa.

Thanks @sam-sg for your careful report.


Indeed, thanks for that.

To run it locally, you’ll need at minimum the full TexLive install. You’ll also need the relevant fonts, but you can’t get them, sorry, they are a custom adaptation of Arno Pro and our license only permits us to use them in-house. So you’ll have to change the fonts to something else.

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