Latin translation of the Dhammapada uploaded

I’ve uploaded the Latin translation of the Dhammapada by V. Fausböll. With much gratitude to Anagarika @sabbamitta who coded it. :pray:

You can dowload a scan of the original text at: Dhammapadam. Palice ed., Lat. vertit, excerptis ex comm. Palico notisque ... : Suttapiṭaka Khuddakanikāya, Dhammapada : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive.


Naturæ a mente principium ducunt, mens est potior pars earum, e mente constant; si (quis) mente inquinata aut loquitur aut agit, tum eum sequitur dolor, ut rota (bovis) vehentis pedem.
Naturæ a mente etc.; si (quis) mente serena aut loquitur aut agit, tum eum sequitur gaudium ut umbra non decedens.

Beautiful …


It was really fun to do!

I had to type it all by hand, and it made old memories from my Latin lessons at school come up. I never liked Latin and dropped it as soon as this was possible, but still some memories came back now.

My 86 year old dad then helped me with proofreading: He would read out the pdf loud for me so that I could compare with what I had typed and find all my typos. He had learned Latin for much longer time than I had, and he said he felt still pretty much able to translate a text like this. :grin:

To thank him I made this postcard for him:



Very beautiful story of collaboration @sabbamitta!
I am really thankful for your and father’s work on this one. :heart:
I love the postcard you did… indeed, lex aeterna


Sadhu! What a wonderful project, I have wanted to see this text for such a long time!