Lay live in communities

Hello spiritual friends and teachers,

I wondered if this online community has any knowledge of communities in which a lay practitioner can live and seriously practice for liberation?

I am not at the stage/not yet willing to renunciate a practice (music) that is unacceptable/breaks the 7th precept. So I am not fit to live in a monastery. I would like to continue practicing as a dedicated lay practitioner in the thai forest tradition. I am more than happy to live with buddhists of other traditions. And open to where it is in the world.

much gratitude.

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Buddhist societies. you’re willing to leave your home but not willing to let go of music?

Also, some monasteries may allow 5 precepts lay to live in monastery, maybe become the unpaid kapiya. Just use earbuds.

yes don’t mind letting go of the home. Ha. Maybe happy to give up everything that is required to give up except music. I can’t imagine I’d get by in a monastery as I am a very loud singer ! I am a paid kapiya at the moment and that is wonderful.

You could sponsor yourself to build a sound proof room in a monastery, like karaoke. Then go in there when you need to sing. Can also say that it’s a quiet meditation room for those who needs it.

The inconveniences of having to wait for the room to be empty and having to sing in a location may eventually encourage you to let go of singing.


that is fantastic.
Actually I have a lot of shame and feel somewhat a failure when it comes to this in monastic contexts. And so hence I was seeing if there were lay /non-monastic places to practice.

probably finding a lay option helps mara - the lack of shame/sense of failure tends towards further clinging- still who knows until explored.

Or you can try to learn pali and replace singing by chanting ?

If you are skilled, you’ll be able to chant the poetry of the Sutta Nipāta and other poetry works.

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Seriously. Every monastery needs at least one soundproof room (with wifi)! That place where you can have a private a conversation, just scream or break precepts about singing! I’m hiding in a cupboard right now to make a personal call.

going back to moo’s original question… I know lay people who have set up their lives so that they can practice seriously, but they don’t seem to want community. What is it that you want out of being in community that you aren’t able to access in your life right now?


Agreed :purple_heart:

I have no problems incorporating practice into lay life, and I find those saying otherwise a bit childish. Excuses my directness, maybe a trait of serious practice - I never lie and am able to stand firm with any worlds, hideouts or in the streets :wind_face::heart_on_fire::pray:

Ajahn Sona’s monastary in Canada regularly offers stewardships

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