Lay person stream winning

Is it possible to become a stream winner as a layperson if you eat meat and kill cockroaches? I don’t have a choice as to what i eat. I eat what is purchased by those who have graciously excepted me into their home. I do not and am not able to “chip in”, and can not ask for a vegetarian menu. That would just be to much to ask. As far as the cockroach thing goes, i do my best to keep my space tidy, but can not control what happens elsewhere in the house. Here in texas you really have to keep things clean or they invade. Every now and then one will creep into my room, and i don’t care to have them in my bed. This is a link to the “rules”. I think i adhere to most everything else. :innocent:

I am a bit reminded of SN 55.24:

Who can’t become a stream-enterer these days?

Though in Sarakāni’s case, his struggle was with the fifth precept…

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Thank you Bhikku!!
I will sleep better tonight!!
I think that is the guy who met bhudda in a shed, and didn’t know who he was. He appologized for calling him friend after finding out, correct? Killed by a cow while trying to find an alms bowl…

This is Pukkusāti in MN 140.