Lecture Recommendation


This question is perhaps, too general. Or perhaps I could just be referred to a previous topic if that would be most appropriate.

Does anyone have a good audio lecture series on the EBT’s or EB in general? Either available for free online streaming or one for purchase would be great. I am thinking of something fairly in-depth & scholastic & not just a general overview. I have been enjoying grad school lectures lately on other Buddhist topics & figured there may be some on Early Buddhism that I have not been able to find. Thank you.


I found this series very helpful:

It’s also available as a set of YouTube Videos:

Likewise, though there were some aspects I wasn’t entirely sure about, the following was useful:


I really enjoyed this one


Thank you Aminah & Javier. I will start listening right away!


Bhikkhu Bodhi’s lectures are very very good!
He has quite a few courses.


And here:

And also in his monastery youtube channel:


Awesome thanks. I was actually wondering if he would pop up as a recommendation.


Yes, I went to a daylong of Andy Olendzki’s on this topic several years ago at NY Insight, as well as taking a yearlong with him and Gloria Taraniya on study and practice with material from the Pāli Canon. I’ve learned a lot from Andy over the years, he’s a great teacher.

FWIW my YouTube channel tries to get the Buddha dhamma across from an EB perspective. Although my approach is secular, I try to describe EB dhamma straight, as best I can. In this I try to follow Andy’s lead. :anjal:


Nice work.


Thank you Doug.