Legacy URL support, old abbreviations, etc

Is there going to be an effort to support the old url’s for the Vinaya?

And is there a page anywhere that lists the old vs new abbreviations?

Also, do I understand correctly that any links to a passage (like with #Kd.2.26.1) must also include the translator name?

I ask because I am helping to fix the old links in a publication with the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha and I want to make sure that they are future proof.

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I will be discussing this with the team in the near future, with the aim of minimizing any disruption and improving legacy support. So I would recommend holding off on any changes right now. I will let you know of any decisions we make.


Maybe make a Github issue?

Thank you. So it sounds like you may even be changing the current format?

No one has complained about the broken links in the book, so it is not an urgent issue.