Let not the world burn - Buddhist responses to the climate crisis




Looking at things from a psychological perspective, wouldn’t it be most effective to simply accept the harsh reality of climate change? As far as I can see, there is no way to effectively reduce the greed of the collective humanity which has produced this crisis. Realistically, I feel that all I can do is let go of my personal aversion to a ‘burning world’ (along with the ‘sightseeing greed’ that compels me to go on unnecessary driving trips or plane rides).


Another thing that I contemplate around is “Where/when is the tipping point?”
Everybody seems to know about “the tipping point”, but that can’t be so, because we are talking about something new, so we may cross lines without knowing it.

What about that the change has happened, and all the noise one hears now is just because we’re -

Wandering through the chaos the
Battle has left
We climb up the mountain of human flesh
To a plateau of green grass
And green trees full of life
A young figure sit’s still by a pool
He’s been stamped “Human Bacon”
By some butchery tool (He is you)
Social Security took care of this lad
We watch in reverence
As Narcissus is turned to a flower a flower?
Willow Farm
(Suppers Ready/Genesis)


One of my problems with computer (A.I.) generated images is that it draws it’s sources from artistic materials human artists produced. Those artists don’t get paid for their work, nor do they get credit.

Zero disrespect meant.


Problems with industry aside, people’s personal choices contribute greatly to the greenhouse effect.

  1. Having more than 2 children by birth
  2. Eating food derived from animals
  3. Driving fossil fueled vehicles and unnecessarily large ones.

Buddhism has the potential to teach people that they can be happy without those things.


It is on Youtube now.


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Bhante @sujato is amazing!


Thank you, it was very good!

I agree. Fyi the image was made by a volunteer who is a graphic designer. Using ai was their choice, given the constraints of time. But certainly I would rather avoid it.

The IPCC report is thorough and methodical in presenting the facts and the methodologies for making inferences from the facts, carefully noting degrees of probability at each step. Read it, or ask about the science from people who understand, but if there is something you don’t understand, don’t assume that others do not.


I have no doubts about the method. I have doubts that the more of same kind of thinking can get us out of the mess that has been brought along by relying on one single ability, thought.

Put as many AI together as you like, the answer should be the same:

I wouldn’t want to be like you!

Best wishes, IRobot.

So, the tipping point is that everybody talks about a tipping point, wich means that we all are a little bit more awake to constant change and that we have to mind our steps closely from now on.