Like Milk and Water Mixed (new edition)

Bhante Dhammika’s beautiful book on love :heart: has got itself a new edition. It is available as a free pdf download from The Pariyatti Store where you can also buy a print or e-book copy in a variety of formats (Epub, Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play books).

There is also a free online version of this new edition at theMettāShelf (see link below). The content of this online version is (almost) the same as the Pariyatti versions, but has additional Sutta and Vinaya references using the Sutta Central numbering system to go along with the PTS numbering system in the Paryatti versions.




I always wondered about the expression until I read Great Expectations. Poor old Pip.

[Pumblechook put] such a quantity of warm water into my milk that it would have been more candid to have left the milk out altogether.

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