Link Previews Still Broken 😿 Upvote on Github!

This issues was brought up 2.5 years ago, and it seems like it is still happening. I was hopeful that the hard work to improve google search results would help this along but it seems it hasn’t.

As everyone who has been on the forum knows, when you post a link to a page on in its own line in a forum post, it creates a generic looking link preview instead of a preview of the specific sutta being linked to. Like so:

I have tried posting the same link to another discourse based forum and I get identical results. I also found a testing website that looks for the tags that are used to create these previews ( For example, the link I shared above tests like this:

Does anyone know if this is something that can be fixed? Since it seems to be a problem on the coding side of, I don’t think it is anything I can help with other than testing. Does anyone at the @helpdesk-dd know the status of this?

I realize that dev time is limited, but I think this fix could really improve the usability of the forum, not to mention that it improves the clickability of shared suttas on other platforms.

BTW, Pasting a link inside a paragraph like this, SuttaCentral, also doesn’t work as it should. Imagine how cool it would be if we could paste that link and it automatically said MN 21 Kakacūpamasutta.

EDIT: I found this help page on Discourse, link is to the troubleshooting section: Rich link previews with Onebox - faq - Discourse Meta

If Onebox is not working as expected, please check the following:

  • Test your site by pasting the link into iFramely ; check that the target is using correct OpenGraph or oEmbed meta tags for content. And remember the description text is required in Discourse!
  • Verify that the onebox request to the target website has not been blocked by user-agent. Some WordPress hosts frequently block “unknown” user agents.

Testing using that site gives basically the same result.

EDIT2: Just found the link to the github for Onebox: If the problem can’t be solved on’s side, perhaps something could be done to help Onebox pick up the data on the sc pages.


Please upvote or comment on these issues here:

And let us know if anything needs to be added. The spec is quite thin for the moment, so please just throw in a comment anything that might be useful, we’ll refine the spec before starting.


Thank you, Bhante. As far as what needs to be acomplished, it is really straightforward (says the person who doesnt really code!). The correct metadata just needs to end up in the og tags.

I’ll try to add whatever I can to the issue.

Are you asking folks to vote so you know how important it is to people? Im affraid most people dont have a Github account.

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Lol, one upvote and it’ll still be the most upvotes! You have the power! :fist:

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Oh, that does deserve a sad kitty. :crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face:It’s a stark reminder of how few people are carrying the coding burden of this great project.

If anyone does want to upvote, I think on Github they are called reactions. Unless I’m missing something.