Link to English MN61


The link given for the first listed English version of MN61 leads to a 404 error, although on that error page the correct URL is supplied:



Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve corrected it now as well as for 19 other similar cases!


Thanks so much for that, Ayya.

Just so people know, generally we are moving away from having external links on SC, due to this problem of unreliable URLs. However in this case I asked Ayya to keep them, as they point to classic essays by several great teachers, and thus have richer content than just the sutta alone. Nevertheless, as time goes on we will expect to reduce, and possibly eliminate entirely, external links such as these.


You also asked me to delete the ones but these are not broken. Can you confirm to me that you want those deleted? See for instance:

Well, these are a) the Uppalavanna translations, which should all be deleted, and b) on a not-very-good website. But there is no rush, maybe we should just leave them for now until the new site is launched.