Links to segments not working

I have a bunch of links constructed like this:

These links used to take me to the segment in the text, but I’ve done a hard refresh of my browser and these no longer work.

If I include ?reference=main, so it looks like this:

It works fine, which makes sense. But I just wanted to confirm if this is how I should construct my links now, and the old way I was doing it is obsolete?


That’s a bug, thanks for pointing it out.

For me it works in Chrome, but not in Firefox.

@HongDa can you look into this? We should make sure this works properly in all browsers.

No, there should be no need. The idea is that you only need the text and segment number, all else should inherit your browser settings (unless you want to specify the settings in the URL, which is why it has those attributes.)

Oh well, I can take solace in the fact that on my Ubuntu I can no longer even open Firefox, after testing just now it refuses to do anything. How is it that on a Linux machine FF doesn’t even open? Thanks Canonical you’ve made FF unusable in a snap!

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Both versions of the links work fine for me in FireFox (115.0, latest version atm). Also in different views (side-by-side, with/without notes).

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A new feature added a few days ago caused this error, I fixed it yesterday :pray:


I found in FireFox it worked for me, until I tried it in a private tab, and then it did not.

So when you are testing you might want to try it in a private tab if you aren’t already.

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Probably because private tabs bypass the local cache and get the latest JS, etc files

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Sorry, I found another cause of this bug, now fixed and pushed to the production server :pray:


All working great again for me. Thank you! :heart: