Listen to story of The Queen, who left royalty for seek Buddha's teaching!

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In the celestial ambiance of Gijjaku, the Buddha bestowed profound appreciation upon Bhikkhuni Khema through his enlightening sermon known as “Gambira Panjang.” This auspicious occasion unfolded as Khema Bhikkhuni, perched on a rock, became the focal point of the Buddha’s discourse.

As the night enveloped the scene, a divine king named Sak, accompanied by his celestial entourage, graced the assembly near the Buddha. In a mystical display, Bhikkhuni Khema descended from the sky to meet the Buddha, offering a reverential bow in the presence of the divine King Sak. Intrigued, King Sak inquired of the Buddha, “Lord, who is she?”

To this, the Buddha, with paternal pride, responded, “Divine King, here stands my daughter Khema, adorned with great wisdom.”