Listening to spoken Pali

Does anyone have resources for listening to the spoken Pali?
thank you


Hi Me1, it was lovely meeting you at class yesterday! I am completely absorbed right now in spoken/chanted pāli (not sure this is a beneficial absorption given how much time I’m spending on it :laughing:).

SC-Voice is a primary tool for me at the moment.

:grinning: As an aside – speaking to us all now, perhaps we could use a course thread dedicated to resources where all such ancillary info is posted. (Versus different threads for different resource questions.)

Just a thought as I imagine these resource questions will proliferate (in a good way!). One-stop-shopping approach.

I’ll wait to see what @johnk thinks about that idea.



I’m not sure what idea you and Peg (@Me1) are actually proposing, Beth. I thought there was a thread for Pāli resources already.

Or if it’s just a thread for spoken and chanted Pāli, then that’s fine. Just go ahead and use this thread, but please change the name "Lesson 1 spoke Pali’ doesn’t mean much.


Indeed, probably best to use the existing topic with Pāli resources for these questions. The topic can be found here:


Thank you Beth! It’s great to hear the Pali spoken!


A collection of 290 suttas recited in pāli by Bhikkhu Jiv can be found at Internet Archive by searching for “audtip.” As others have noted, the pronunciation is very clear. This collection is connected with earlier efforts by Frankk at the website, but the website is not easy to navigate. Better to access these great recordings at Internet Archive-Audtip


Ven. @Sobhana, I’ve been on a mission-- a noble one, I hope! – to find, curate, download, and upload to the google cloud all of Ven. Jiv.'s recordings. Along the way, I’m snagging Frank’s recordings because I find the quality awesome.

The reason I’m doing this is because I don’t know how long “The Internet Archive” will be around; thus my objective to re-load them on the google cloud (the perpetual existence of which is not in doubt – in some shape or form – for at least the next 20 years).

Frank’s website is how you described it. He appears to manage Audtip as well. I pick up from his blogs that there may have been a row with SuttaCentral so I am respecting his privacy.

It’s taking me a while to round up all the recordings, etc. I am sharing my google file with SuttaCentral below. @Gillian re: your email to me, please feel free to nest the google cloud URL in the Resources thread-list. It may be confusing to try to maintain a separate spoken-Pali thread? To make a long story short, I’ve decided to make the existence of the shared google file public information :face_with_monocle:

(Of course, all this assumes this next breath is not my last as I’m hosting the google space … I suppose there’s some way I should arrange “backup” so I’ll give that some thought :heart_eyes: )



Thank you for your effort. Frank dwells near our vihara in California. In past, when we were a few bhikkhunis with no sure resort for almsfood, he very honorably made sure we were cared for, despite his reclusive character.


Thanks Beth
I am finding sutta central voice to be very good.


Are all the readers in SC voice human or are some computer generated? Im wondering particularly about the options “Amy” and “Adhita” in the Therigatha section.


All voices are computer generated, except for “Bhante Sujato Pali” and “Bhante Sujato English”. You can see it from the icons in the settings:

Screenshot from 2024-04-18 17-42-03

Thanks, I never looked carefully at those little robot icons! I started reading Therigatha aloud and recording it, now I am inspired to make a project of it.

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