Look what I found! A bit of SuttaCentral history!

Well, SuttaCentral search was down, and I happened to be using Google to search the site. Probably made some random typing error and guess what? I found a bit of SuttaCentral history! Adam Stempniak’s blog documents how SuttaCentral got going…

Have you ever had a client you’ll never forget for the very best of reasons?

A partnership so strong it went beyond the boundaries of a professional contract?

A work experience so positive you were genuinely sad to see it come to an end?

It certainly is a tall order. Most people are lucky to be able to say that just once throughout their careers.

I suppose that makes me one of the lucky ones.

Even now, as I type these words, my heart beats a little faster when I reflect on the Product Owner journey I had embarked on the minute STX Next tasked me with project delivery for a client called SuttaCentral.

It was a client like no other—in my experience, at least.

I will do my best to relay the story of our cooperation, laying out the deciding factors that turned this grand experiment for our company into the glowing success it ended up being.

First things first: let’s start at the beginning.

Continue… here.



Nice! We still have a strong relation with STXnext, we have worked with them multiple times and will certainly do so in the future. It’s a company that has great leadership and a good ethos, and attracts good people. The fact that it’s located in the beautiful city of Poznan and justifies the occasional visit there is a bonus!