Looking for missing bit of Thag

I wanted to put out some new versions of Bhante Sujato’s Thag translation, but the epub on the download page is missing most of the last chapter.

I found this directory, but it doesn’t have a file for 21.1.

Is there somewhere to find this in the back end? I don’t mind manually building into the book. Or should I just wait till it gets fixed on the front end?


I have a more complete translation from Bhante on my computer. I’m not sure if he’s done with it however. We’re still importing his changes into Bilara. Bhante @sujato, may I forward your zip?


yes, sure. I’m hoping we can get the updated texts online soon.


@snowbird I have imported Thag21.1 and Thag17.2 into the sc-voice fork of bilara-data. This might be easier for you to work with. Let me know if you still want the zip. It’s rather massive.

Bhante @sujato, this import also includes the reference, root and html files for your own review.

NOTE: Information in sc-voice/bilara-data will be merged into bilara-data pending review by Bhante @sujato and Anagarika @sabbamitta.


So that’s not complete either. There are 289 lines of text in Thag21.1, but what you linked to only has 84. Here is the old version I have.old-Thag21.1.pdf (46.8 KB) And it’s actually a different subset that you have given from what is currently on SC.

Ven. Sariputta’s verses are likewise incomplete.

Any ideas?


My program has produce a mess. It has skipped and misnumbered segments. :see_no_evil:

I’ll look into it tomorrow. Thank you for identifying the bug.


Bhante @sujato, I have come across a segment numbering conflict in the Thag2.1 import.html

<p><a data-uid="thag21.1:5.1" data-ref="sc1, vns1219, vnp1209, pts-vp-pli109"><i>“Nikkhantaṃ vata maṃ santaṃ,</i> <b>“Now that I’ve gone forth</b></a><br>

Here we have a segment with an identity crisis. Am I 5.1 or am I 1?

I’ll write the code to assume that we wish to renumber as 1 in Bilara. In other words, I’m honoring sc and ignoring data-id.

Let me know if I should do the opposite…because if we do the opposite and honor data-id, then I’m not sure what to put in the reference file for sc.


I will look into this later today. But as i don’t have the source files, can you post a zip with the entire file?


thag21.1.zip (12.8 KB)

Thanks, Bhante!

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Could you also post the file for Ven. Sariputta? 17.2. it’s incomplete as well.

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thag17.2.zip (6.3 KB)


(note: segment numbers are undecided)




This is correct. The data-uid numbers are merely placeholders.

In this case, the heading does not use the proper zeroth level numbering, which is why the data-uid number started at 5. We need to have a test that will ensure that the headings use zeroth level numbering and the text starts at one.


Bhante @sujato, I’ve encountered another piece of information that may require importing, but I am unsure of how to handle it:

23 <a data-uid="thag21.1:6.2" data-var="daḷhadhammino → daḷhadhanvino (bj-a)"><i>sikkhitā daḷhadhammino;</i> <b>well trained, with strong bows,</b></a><br>

Specifically, what needs to be done with data-var stuff?

data-var="daḷhadhammino → daḷhadhanvino (bj-a)

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Data-var is variant readings, it goes in the /variants folder.


Bhante @sujato, another question arises with sequences of <i>...</i> as in ds2.1.1:

<p><a data-ref="sc1, pts-vp-pli9, ms29Dhs_368, msdiv1"><i>Katame dhammā kusalā?</i></a> <a><i>Yasmiṃ samaye kāmāvacaraṃ kusalaṃ cittaṃ uppannaṃ hoti somanassasahagataṃ ñāṇasampayuttaṃ rūpārammaṇaṃ vā saddārammaṇaṃ vā gandhārammaṇaṃ vā rasārammaṇaṃ vā phoṭṭhabbārammaṇaṃ vā dhammārammaṇaṃ vā yaṃ yaṃ vā panārabbha, tasmiṃ samaye—</i></a></p> 

In these cases I assume the intent is a long segment with a line break \n inserted between the text of each <i>...</i>. These will all be in segment ds2.1.1:1.1

Let me know if I should do otherwise.

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Ahh, no there are no line breaks in the segments. This is two separate segments, it is just that the second one has no number, it must be assigned.


Thank you, Bhante!

I have re-imported your ds and thag content into sc-voice/bilara-data. Notable changes include:

  • import of sequences of <i> (e.g., ds2.1.1)
  • import of translations (e.g., thag21.1)
  • import of h2 elements (e.g., thag21.1)
  • variants are now generated as well (ds, thag)

If these are correct, let me know what I should import next from your zip file.


I’ll try to check these today.

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