Looking for Recordings of the Anumodanā Chants

I’ll (hopefully) be ordaining soon in the Thai Dhammayut and will need to have the Anumodanā chants memorized.

Surprisingly, I haven’t found a good recording (correct chants, pronunciation, etc) online. Any links would be appreciated. Thanks!


You’ll find plenty of clear ones on youtube if you search for " อนุโมทนาวิธี "

This one has:

  1. Yathā vārivahā
  2. Sabbītiyo… (chanted 3x, though usually it’s only done once)
  3. Sabbabuddhānubhāvena… (Cūḷamaṅgalacakkavāḷa).
  4. Bhavatu sabbamaṅgalaṃ

Thank you! Helpful to have a Thai phrase to expand my search with.

That video you linked happens to have the ones I memorized already. :joy: I am more specifically looking for recordings of “Ratanattayānubhavena…”, “Dānañca peyya…”, “Āyu-do bala-do dhīro…”, etc. I’ve tried wading through the YouTube search results, as well as recordings from various other places, but haven’t yet found those in isolation.

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Here’s the Āyudo (อายุโท)

I found another two but in one it sounds like the monks are chanting underwater, while the other — a solo performance by a Thai sāmaṇera — contains some mistakes.

Here’s the Ratanattayānubhāvena (ระตะนัตตะยานุภาเวนะ)

But I can’t find anything for the Dānañca peyya, which I must admit I’ve never heard anyone chant in my life, not even when I was a Dhammayut monk.


Thank you so much! :smile:

I know you are after recordings, but in case you need as well reference written material the links below may be of help:

Best of luck with your ordination. Please consider keeping us up to date of your whereabouts.



All I can offer is a robot.
I think you are better off with YouTube.
But if you do need a Pali text spoken by Aditi, just send it to me.

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Thanks @karl_lew :smile: I’m learning Thai from Siri, and I already speak English like a :robot:… engineer… so I’ll keep that offer in mind as I study Pali :rofl::nerd_face: :slight_smile:


For anyone who might find this helpful, I did eventually discover some recordings of the Anumodana chants. I uploaded them to Google Drive here

And I did ordain too! :grin: