Looking for Suttas, Dukkha, 5 aggregates and feeling tone

Hi greetings. I’m giving a short talk on these topics and linking them into mindfulness-based principles. I have described these through the Satipatthana Sutta (Analayo) and talks by Goldstein among other general mindfulness texts. I have linked the information to the sixth link in dependent arising, contact, feeling tone. All pleasant and unpleasant feeling tone is Dukkha through the cycle of aversion, craving and impermanence. Are there any other ways of describing this in the suttas. My talk is fine as it is but I want something extra to define these points, an unusual perspective if that makes sense.
I would be grateful for any advice.

As summarized it’s too complicated as it attempts to combine two different approaches, theoretical and physical. Simplify by excluding DO and basing everything on impermanence which is an actual experience. Reading the chapter on impermanence in “Satipatthana” should give the required information.

“Thus the direct experience of impermanence represents indeed the “power” aspect of meditative wisdom”—Analayo

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