Luang Por Liem, 2 transcripts discussing the Practice and his own journey along the Path

Dear Friends,
I’d like to share a wonderful Dhamma resource about the ways of Practice. In the following transcripts of 2 Dhamma talks, Luang Por Liem focuses on the work that must be done - to put the Buddha Dhamma into practice, and to follow in the footsteps of the Noble Enlightened ones. It is so easy in these times to become distracted with an intellectual processing of the Dhamma. These very practical instructions make it abundantly clear, where one should focus in order to still mental formations and attain to the highest levels of awakening and peace.

Luang Por Liem is the senior Disciple of Ajahn Chah, “After Luang Pu Chah became severely ill in 1982, he entrusted Luang Por Liem to lead the monastery. Shortly thereafter, as Luang Pu Chah’s illness prevented him from speaking, the Sangha of Wat Nong Pah Pong appointed Luang Por Liem to take over the abbotship.”

I highly recommend these short readings to all practitioners as a source of direction as well as inspiration, that the path to Liberation is here and now and to be ‘walked’.

May they inspire faith and diligence, and result in the peaceful abiding of Santi :pray:

And here is a lovely inspiring talk that was given to the Australian Sangha Association in 2006; Following the footsteps of the Enlightened Beings. Note: it is first written in Thai, the English translation follows afterwards.


Recommendation seconded for noobs like myself, who are a subset of ‘all practioners’ :slight_smile:

His personal story of struggles, persistence and eventual (mostly gradual*) liberation is encouraging; this reinforces some things which are starting to crystallize out for me, notably a continual awareness (at least attempted!) of Tilakkhaṇa.

* Gradual is fine

Mendicants, I don’t say that enlightenment is achieved right away. Rather, enlightenment is achieved by gradual training, progress, and practice.


There are also teachings of Tan Ajahn Anan available in English. He is one of the immediate, major disciples of Ajahn Cha: Books & Audio – Wat Marp Jan. I highly recommend checking out his teachings, and going to his monastery, if you can, and paying respects before he passes away.

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