Ma Nivatta, abhikkama Never give up, advance and move forward

As Vesakhā full-moon approaches and we commemorate the Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and His Parinibbāna .

Contemplation of the Buddha is our joy and truly inspiring more so during Vesakhā full-moon [ This year marks B.E.2566 or B.E. 2565 in Thailand].

I have read that in his quest for enlightenment, the Buddha exemplify such courage when faced near emancipation by making a vow, Ma nivatta, abhikkama which means never give up or strive & perserve

However, I do not know if this is found in which EBT or the Suttas. I would be grateful if anyone can recall what sutta this might be or point me in the right direction?

I have checked SuttaCentral and found abhikkama means going forward, approach; advance;

Thank you.
Sadhu Anumodana


When I see your quote, the kind of courage near emancipation you mentioned and also the vow, what comes to my mind is the Buddha’s teaching found in AN2.1-10 or AN 8.13 or MN 70:

‘Gladly, let only skin, sinews, and bones remain! Let the flesh and blood waste away in my body! I will not stop trying until I have achieved what is possible by human strength, energy, and vigor.’

‘kāmaṁ taco ca nhāru ca aṭṭhi ca avasissatu, sarīre upassussatu maṁsalohitaṁ, yaṁ taṁ purisathāmena purisavīriyena purisaparakkamena pattabbaṁ na taṁ apāpuṇitvā vīriyassa saṇṭhānaṁ bhavissatī’ti.

Spirit is on fire!!!
ONLY for extinguishment


It is found in:
Theragāthāpāḷi - Soṇakoḷivisattheragāthā

“Ujumaggamhi akkhāte, gacchatha mā nivattatha;
Attanā codayattānaṃ, nibbānamabhihāraye.”

Buddhavaṃsapāḷi - Sumedhapatthanākathā

“‘daḷhaṃ paggaṇha vīriyaṃ, mā nivatta abhikkama;
Mayampetaṃ vijānāma, dhuvaṃ buddho bhavissasi’”.


Namo Buddhaya, Dhammaya & Sanghaya,
Sadhu Anumodana. With deep gratitude for your selfless sharing.

Namo Buddhaya, Dhammaya & Sanghaya,
Sadhu Anumodana for your selfless sharing.