Greetings fellow Dhammafarers, it so happened was looking up a Pali word and came across Ven Webu Saydaws translation of the Mahabuddhavaṃsa Great chronicles of the Buddha’s , and was wanting to cross check with the text in KN, am I right in thinking Ven Mingun Sayadaw made his own headings hence the disparity in content? Bht Dhammanando@ Bht Sujata@

Here is th link to Mingun Sayadaws book

If my understanding is correct Ven Minguns Book is like a compendium of the Mahabuddhavaṃsa, and not a literal translation*

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Hi Bhante,

The work is Mingun Sayadaw’s own composition, made at the request of the then Prime Minister, U Nu. It covers the same ground as the KN’s Buddhavamsa and its commentary but isn’t a translation of them.