Mahavagga: Great Chapter. Printed version?

Hi! Does anyone know if there is a printed version of the “Mahavagga, the great chapter” available? I only found one in Amazon from Rhys Davids…

Thank you! :pray:

And I also found this one from Ānandajoti Bhikkhu… Great-Chapter.pdf (731,0 KB)

Well, wouldn’t it form part of the Digha Nikaya collection? Maurice Walsh’s translation is available on Amazon and Ven Sujato’s translation is available as EPub in the Downloads section of SuttaCentral and PDF from here.

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Hi @faujidoc1! It’s from the Vinaya Pitaka, there is a translation from Ven. Sujato, but not in ebook format, I guess…


And this is from, a Ven. Khematto’s translation:

Ah! Its the Mahakhandhaka… the great chapter from the Vinaya. :blush:
No, unfortunately the Vinaya is probably the least available of the EBTs…

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Well, none of the Vinaya is translated by Bhante Sujato. But there is indeed an ebook version of IB Horners Vinaya translation on the download page: SuttaCentral

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Thank you @Snowbird!

In fact I have it on my Kindle! :blush: But I’m looking for a printed version for a more easy way tu studying, underlying, etc…

Following the Reading Faithfully site recommendations… :pray:

There’s a PDF there, no?

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I’ll check and let you know :+1:

There’s a link to here :

I have it on my Kindle, too… :joy: But I think I’ll download the pdf and make printed copy myself…

Thank you for your help @Snowbird!

Sorry, I meant that there is a pdf of IB Horner’s Vinaya translation.

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