Make link to index more prominent, please

I’d like to request that the link to the indexes be made easier to find. As far as I can tell the link is only present at the very bottom of the home page. I remember that when you finally get there, there is a new menu bar for each index, but I can never figure out how to get that menu bar to appear.

Honestly, I usually have to use the accesstoinsight website for the index because I can never find it at Sutta Central.

Could it go in the sidebar? I realize that this may go against some organizational principle, but it feels right to me. Looking for a sutta? Go to the side bar. Can’t remember where it is? Well, the index is right there then. The all-closed-side-bar is so small that having a menu item for the index that dropped down a list of the different ones would work. For new users especially the index is a wonderful gateway into the site.

I’d also suggest that the verbiage at the top of each index page could be reduced. Unless it is required as a condition of use by Access to Insight. One shouldn’t have to scroll so much to get to the purpose of the page. It doesn’t really matter to anyone how it differs from the one on Access to Insight. If it is really necessary you could say “Based on the index at Access to Insight” with a link. I’m guessing all that was included when the index was first placed on SC.

Also, on my computer, the letters of the alphabet at the top of the index are spread out far more than necessary, even on a touch screen. It almost takes up an entire screen.

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Not really, the sidebar is really complex and handles the sutta pages.

If it was to go somewhere it would be the toolbar menu. The only real problem there is that we don’t want to multiply menu items too much. Still, “Compact view” will I think be removed (and put on the suttaplex view where it belongs) so we could tolerate another item.

What do you think, would that be okay?

(Just so you know, adding it to the menu is like five minutes, whereas adding it to the sidebar is like a week of work, maybe more, even if we wanted to.)

Good point, I agree, there is no reason it can’t go at the bottom of the page.

Okay, I’ll look at reducing the padding.

Putting it in the menu would be just fine. That’s always where I look first. It just looked kind of crowded.

Thanks for considering this.

I wonder if there would be a way to merge numbering, abbreviations, and methodology, perhaps under a single heading “Technical” since these three pages already share a sub menu bar. Likewise, perhaps about could be a heading that included the about page, acknowledgements, and licensing. Except for the about page, these all seem kind of wonky to each have their own top level menu items.

Just my $.02.


No, these are all good points, I will look into aggregating some of these.