Making my post editable by others

i’ve not been able to do that yet for the first post of that topic. i don’t see a wrench icon to let me change editing permissions on the post.

a help page said we need to be level 3 user to get a wrench icon?

chan reported the same inability to change permissions on his post.

how do we fix this? do we need promotions, or maybe there’s a way to flag a post to request it to be changed to a wiki style editable post?

what i get in my own posts is this

each stage is accessed with a click on the ellipsis and wrench in turn, i didn’t test the wikification option


Yes, the trust level thing is automated by Discourse, and I don’t know very much about it, so sorry about the confusion. For now, the simplest thing would be to just send me an @ if you want me to wiki-fy a post and you can’t see “make wiki”. I’ll go ahead and make the “Can you hear sound?” post a wiki for you.