Making Textual Information sticky

I want to propose to make the Textual Information sticky.
If you click on the Textual Information in de sidebar, you get to see things like paragraph numbers, etc. on the page that you are add. But if you go to another page with for instance opening the “next page” in a new tab, this disappears and you have to go the menu again to click on Textual Information to see the paragraph numbers on this new page. It works OK if you just click “next” and don’t try to open it in a new tab but I often like to be able to compare texts by having them in different tabs.

I’m happy to implement this when I’m back next month.


Good idea. What about the lookups, too? I often activate the chinese lookup, then go to another Chinese sutta, and activate it again. It would make sense that these things are activated “globally” until you decide to turn them off.


On I have made the Textual Information sticky so please have a look and find fault … :slight_smile:

The lookups work a bit different so I have to take some time to study it.


Works great. no fault to find!

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OK. Try the Chinese to English lookup on staging … (not done the Pali to Language one yet).

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@Blake: can you please have a look at these commits too … I might not have the best way of doing this through localStorage. Just to summarize: I have made Textual Info and Chinese to English lookup sticky and this is on the Newdata branch and active on staging.

And if everybody is happy with this, can I move this to Master?

If you and Blake are happy, i’m happy.

The way you are doing it is right.

Done that.
But I noticed that you moved the content of the template sidebar.html to text.html in the newdata branch, while on master it is still in sidebar.html. I have made changes now in master in sidebar.html so something to watch out for when you want to merge the two branches.

@Sujato and @Blake, I did not hear anything any more so I have made some changes to the handling of the textual info stickiness in Master. Now it stays there (with Textual Images visible) so no need to click on it twice again each time you start up.


I found some time for the next and final step of this project:
I’ve also made the pali lookup tool sticky on staging so please go and find fault with this.

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both seem stable

did you remove the Chinese lookup tool? it’s absent on both staging and master

The Chinese lookup is working fine here ( not that I would be able to use it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )


It’s working fine here, it must be a problem at your end.

that’s weird, i use FireFox 50.0.2

today however it’s present on the master but still not on staging

I see what you are on about now :slight_smile: You are talking about the Pali-Chinese lookup tool that I just created last week! No, that one is not on Staging indeed. I just never bothered to put it there.
I think @Gabriel_L and @sujato were talking about the Chinese-English lookup tool that you get when you open a Chinese text.

If there are no objections, I will put the “stickiness” of the Pali to languages lookup tool on Master today. So then you also have the Pali to Chinese one there.


true i should have been more descriptive so apology for deception

No worries, happens to me all the time.
I tried putting it on Master but something went wrong … I will look at it on Monday.

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Best way to make sure it is not a problem on your side is force the browser to refresh, using Ctrl+F5. Also I strongly suggest cleaning up cache using something like CCleaner.

OK. This is done now on Master also so I can close this issue.

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