Mark a text as read

Thank you for this wonderful website :pray:t2: Would it be possible to develop the function to mark a text as read? So we could keep track of which texts we have read and which we have not. That would be great :ok_hand:t2:


There’s two ways to do that:

  1. Store the data on a separate database server, which would require user accounts. This would be extremely costly and suttacentral is pretty closed to that idea from what I’ve seen from the developers’ answers to these kinds of questions.

  2. Store it in browser cookies. This wouldn’t be hard to set up, and it wouldn’t have memory costs on suttacentral’s end, but it wouldn’t be cross-device or guaranteed to be saved. Or, you can use your browser’s history or bookmarks (which can be cross-device) to keep track.

Personally I have a digital list of every medium-long one I’ve read and a very short summary to remind me of what that one was (“MN60” isn’t too descriptive), but even this wasn’t needed for me after more reading and familiarity with the texts because each sutta becomes a familiar friend and I can see just the reference or title and remember what that one was.

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You can download the excel file from here. I used it for my own readings of 4 Nikayas, although I did them in sequence, this excel is very helpful for those who wishes to skip around.