Material Design Icons


We should find an experienced designer to create a main site icon according to the MD guidelines.

Consider using the Brahmi lotus character as the basis for the main site icon. It is more elegant and distinctive than the wheel, and links with the specific Buddhist innovation of written texts.

For the general site usage, we should use MD icons where possible.

Here I will maintain a list of the specific icons, with the MD names and SC usage. Most of these are found above. If they clash, these are correct.

image Menu — main site menu
image Clear — clear search
imageForum — link to discourse
image More vert — minor menus
image Settings — Tools and settings for text pages
###Toolbar minor menu
image Language — select site language
:pray: Pray — donations. Not found in MD icons.
image File download — downloads
image People — acknowledgments
###Settings dialogue
image Info outline — Metadata
image Visibility — Textual Information
image Swap horiz — Parallels and References
image Comment — view dictionary lookup
####Text and translation
image Reorder — line by line
image View Column — columns
image Comment — popup
image Expand more — open expanders
image Expand less — close expanders
image Arrow down — from Details view, go to Details for another sutta
image Arrow back — From text with sections, go back to main nav tree
image Help
image Close — close dialogues, etc.
image Swap horiz — full parallel.
image Compare — resembling
image Format quote — mention
image Cached — retelling

####Details minor menu
image Content copy — copy table to clipboard
image Share — copy link to specific Details
image Format quote — cite

###Text pages
image Book — view text page
image Share — copy link to segment

Not all of these are ideal, however we should just use the MD ones for convenience to start with and can modify later if needed.

Regarding Cite and Mention, the “format quote” icon is not really semantic. Sometimes this kind of icon is used: