Meaning of "temporary freedom" in AN 6.44

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I was just wondering if anyone could clarify the meaning of “temporary freedom” in AN 6.44 With Migasālā.

“…they’ve not listened or learned or comprehended theoretically or found even temporary freedom.”

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It means they haven’t achieved the first of the four stages of holiness, stream entry, where three of the ten fetters have been eradicated.

“he personally has not gained any release”— AN 6.44, SC

This means he considers ritual to be the source of salvation, and so is not in a position to have personal experience of dhamma in everyday life which would confirm his belief and remove doubt.

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There are several kinds of temporary liberation found in the suttas that fall short of being the irreversible liberation of the four stages of awakening.

  • The four jhānas (e.g., SN 36.31)

  • The four immaterial spheres (e.g., SN 36.31), one of which is also called the nothingness liberation of the mind, akiñcaññā cetovimutti (MN 43)

  • The boundless radiation of the four brahmavihāras (e.g., DN 33, MN 99, MN 127, et al)

  • The liberation of the mind that has become great (mahāggata cetovimutti) (MN 127)

  • The signlessness liberation of mind (animittā cetovimutti) (MN 43)

This topic is covered nicely by Venerable Anālayo in “From Craving to Liberation”, pp. 148-156.