Meditation, ET Sightings, and Tin Foil Hat Design

“Can I hitch a ride?” :yum:

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And off you go to the dimension of infinite space. :rofl:

Has there been a Buddha on your planet?


IMO it only really makes sense, UFO’s, if there is some kind of psychic connection. This is someone who doesn’t really see how traditional narratives surrounding UFO’s makes sense speaking, though.

If an alien intelligence can violate the light-speed barrier and get there, why even need a spacecraft, a giant hunk of metal, in the sky?

These beings would be so far “above us”, technologically speaking alone, IMO it is more plausible they would appear like entirely magical beings, if we were even capable of recognizing them as “beings”, more like gods than greys.

Does the Buddha teach via smells anywhere?

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Kanshiketsu. :poop:

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I know I am revealing my being a sci-fi nerd here, but there is a Star Trek episode where they discover a alien race that has no gross body, because they have evolved “beyond that”. Spock likened their evolution and refinement relative to ours being like a amoeba to a human. Makes me think of sutta references to “non percipient beings”.

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Not to geek out too much on all of this, but the idea as I understand it is that the vehicle itself is the zero-gravity device that allows the laws of space/time to be suspended, and allows the vehicle to be pulled, rather than propelled, toward its target. Once time and space are no longer relevant with an anti-gravity device, the transfer of matter is instantaneous. This is my understanding from a quantum view; me, the guy forced to take physics at university and getting a solid “D.”

This whole Disclosure Project issue has me immersed in the evening in these videos of former astronauts, pilots, engineers, government officials, et al talking about their contacts with ETs and ET vehicles, from around the world. Who woulda thunk it? It’s like living in a house for many years, only to realize your house is built on a sinkhole. The house is the same, but the feel is different… my analogy would be the feeling of hypothetically slipping into jhanas by accident, and experiencing a past life… a game changer.

Maybe it is all a big con…but why would all of these highly educated people from around the world be telling a Big Lie?

At least you got this the right way around. The amoebas have had much more evolutionary pressure applied and are far more refined than humans are. The amoebas are our overlords, we are at best their slaves.

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That’s a great question. What have they got in common that creates this particular common delusion amongst them? Or what delusion do the rest of have that creates our common blindness to their shared delusion?

The main reason people lie is money.

Mystery, suspense and access to hidden knowledge creates an illusion people crave for and appeals to the ego.

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Yes. I guess that one might be very prone to seeking adventure to get into these positions (astronauts, pilots, etc…) in the first place. When that too becomes boring, where else to go?

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More evolutionary pressure and importance in evolution, but not end results. I’d prefer to have a human existence to an amoebic one anyday.

Are you claiming that you remember your past life as an amoeba, or is it just speculation about the state of being an amoeba that leads you to conclude that human existence would be preferable for you?

Is an amoeba a sentient being? This strikes me as similar to the question of are plants sentient beings.

Amoeba’s don’t have a lot going on upstairs. Are clams sentient? What about bacteria? Viruses?

Ah you’re on my subject area. It depends on your definition, but some single celled critters (e-coli) that have actually been tested have shown displays of suffering, memory and most importantly suffering based on memory.

So I wouldn’t be so sure that amoebas don’t have a lot going on up stairs. It would be like coming from the 1960s, looking at a modern computer and saying. “It can’t do anything because it’s got no valves, flashing lights and it doesn’t take up an entire room”. Miniaturisation doesn’t necessarily mean that something is less complex, the evidence is quite the opposite.


If viruses are sentient IMO we should just give up, lol. They are gonna win.

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Some would say they already have! :wink:

Some might assume because we built things we are happy :blush:.