Meditation is easy, isn't it?

In Vietnam, there is a teacher named Vien Minh. Before I heard Dhamma from him, I tried to meditate but without much success. Now I understand that meditation is just one part of a series of conditions and that it does not depend on posture; one can meditate in any posture. Meditation, in this sense, seems very simple: just live a normal life naturally. One can meditate while going about their daily activities and still be fully aware of everything.

Sometimes things are so simple that they seem unbelievable, and I believe that the truth is also something incredibly simple and close to human beings.

I no longer want to search for another teacher because I have found Teacher Vien Minh, as well as other teachers in life, and the teacher within myself.

I don’t know how far I am from the destination. It could be very close, or it could be very far. To me, the destination is right in the present moment, and the more we live in the present, the closer we get to the destination. The past and the future are cycles of rebirth; the destination lies in the present, I believe.


May you follow the Noble Eightfold Path and attain release from suffering as quickly as possible in this very life !

Much happiness to you Hdvd

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You don’t know any good meditation teacher in Cambodia by any chance ?

I’m not sure. I have never traveled abroad :smiley:
Vietnamese is my mother tongue. I feel quite familiar with it through the teachings of Thay Vien Minh (in Vietnamese). I have read English translations of the scriptures on SuttaCentral, but I rarely listen to Dhamma talks in English.

Are there english translations of your teacher’s Dhamma talks available

I regard Master Vien Minh as my teacher, however, there is no real teacher-student relationship between us. Unfortunately, I have not seen any English translations of his teachings.