Meditation is important but not the main practice


Nope, sorry. :frowning:


MN 107 doesn’t really say that, the achievement of arahantship relies on the ending of mental fermentations (asavas) and is even above the achievement of the four jhanas which without the practice of mind-exercises or meditation will be pretty difficult.

Why do you think it’s not doable for? After practicing a little it’s pretty easy for me to enter into higher states while waking within a few seconds or so by concentrating on the destruction of negative unconscious impulses.

If you have difficulties even after trying a lot it probably means that your kamma right now prevents you or makes things very difficult so it’s best to practice the Eightfold Path.

But in my opinion the practice of mind-exercises is more effective for generating good kamma than other methods. Like the practice of surrounding your awareness with metta (loving-kindness). If negative unconscious impulses don’t exist in you naturally automatically won’t do evil deeds, have wrong speech, etc…

Without arahants existing in the world what is the use of such speculations? Perhaps a paccekabuddha or pacceka-arahant will have to arise.


Sir, when the mind is shrouded with ‘doubt’ and ’ lack of adhittana (self determination) , you will be forced to think meditation is undoable. Initially the paramita of adhittana is a prerequisite for progression. Somehow diligently, ardently you have to practice meditation. As you progress all your questions will be answered automatically.


What I meant was that one does not “do” jhana but jhana does you: i.e. it happens to you when you have enough used the first 6 components of the 8FP to eliminate most of greed, hatred and delusion.


To the OP, note that immersion is only one of three praiseworthy things:

“Student, the Buddha praised three sets of things, and that’s what he encouraged, settled, and grounded all these people in. What three? The entire spectrum of noble ethics, immersion, and wisdom. These are the three sets of things that the Buddha praised.”

These three reinforce each other. For example, my immersion got stuck by neglecting noble ethics. Now that I read the suttas and am observing more precepts, immersion has deepened and so has wisdom. The practice comprises all three.


We simply use the word meditation for ’ vipassana’ practice. You are right meditation happens we don’t do it. Right mindfulness and right concentration is a must to eradicate latent tendency. I think first 6 steps of the path makes us good human beings but not an arahanth.correct me if iam wrong.


.not even a stream-entrant, I think


Yes not even stream entree😀