Meditation postures

Did most of the Buddha’s disciples get enlightenment not in the time of sitting meditation but in the time of mindfulness in non-sitting postures?

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For better or worse, the Pāḷi Canon doesn’t exactly preserve census tables! :joy:


I think, the first question to answer that is, how much buddha’s disciple? Because when we call it ‘most’, it’s cause of the percentage is 50% + 1. I don’t know how much buddha’s disciple when Buddha’s era until now. Because I believe that it still so many new arahat–Buddha’s disciple after Buddha parinibbana.

And the second question is, why our mind has this such of question? It’s useful question for guide us to enligment? the second question is depend of each people. Just the people who ask the question know about it.

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I think that full awakening happens less like a bolt of lightening and more like a path. So the final culmination and the moment of awakening might happen in a variety of situations and postures. The Buddha was alone in the forest, some were listening to the Dhamma. I’m not sure a particular posture makes a difference.