Mention of Ashoka’s past birth as contemporary to Buddha?

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Today i heard this podcast by Bodhi Tales.

In this podcast, the speaker shares a story of Ashoka’s past birth where he was a contemporary to Buddha. In that story, the Buddha goes on to predict the future birth of Ashoka as a king and spreading dhamma.
It sounded quite interesting to me. But in my own little reading of suttas or Jatakas, i never came across this and i was puzzled.

So a quick search on net brought me to Wikipedia page ‘Ashokavadana’
Ashokavadana - Wikipedia.
It seems the story in podcast stems from here. And this text seems to date post Buddha era (though the exact date when after buddha seems to be very much debated as seen on wikipedia page)

Now the background being established, my question is

Is there any such reference to Ashoka in any Suttas, Jatakas, EBTs? Or is this story of Jaya mentioned in EBTs or reference to any predictions by Buddha about Ashoka?

I also would like to know what views do people have regarding the authenticity of this Sanskrit text if any one who has closely studied about Ashoka and has any idea.

Thank you for reading. Metta. :slight_smile:

Sri Lankan sources are not beyond mythical elaborations, for example the Buddhavamsa says that the Buddha visited Sri Lanka, so the Ashokan story would be a similar fabrication. The Buddhavamsa is a primary source on Ashoka.
Please note that the Wikipedia article states the Ashokavadana “contains legends as well as historical narratives.”


@seeker Have a look using the search function in the top menu bar. This subject has been discussed before and there are some good resources available :slight_smile: :pray:

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Hi, Can you please help me with the link of topic where it is discussed at length? (Or what exactly should i search?) I tried searching ashoka and lot of posts came up. At one place I read someone mention about Ashoka past birth but there seems to be no direct discussion on this.

Here my question revolves around:

Just like with any search, you have to type in the key words you are interested in.
So it is Ashoka, in combination with; The Buddha, or Sri Lanka, jataka etc etc etc

It takes some time :slight_smile:

That is one of the reasons we ‘moderate’ the forum… to try and cut down on topics that go nowhere and are just chat. Clear Topic titles, and on-topic participation enable this site do provide good resources - not simply relying who is hanging around on-line today, but forming a respository of well researched answers and discussions, including references :slight_smile:

I don’t have the time to do searches for people… but spend a day or two on it yourself, working your way through the information (all the topics listed)… At least that will increase your information and help frame a good question or two :smiley:

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Okay i might do. But i hope you are sure that this exact thing had been answered in those posts.

Uncertainty and impermanence - but hey - your choice to seek or not :slight_smile:

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Or rather lets ignore. Perhaps the answer will come up when it has to come. No one is dutified to answer everything that is raised.
Thank you for moderating, I understand you are one with the heavy workload and it is for a greater good to cut short newer discussions that are on similar lines.
I was also on way to ask one more question/new topic. But now, may be some other time. Some other place.

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