Message Of The Heart

Messages of the heart

One pure in heart has evermore
The Feast of Spring, the Holy Day
One fair in act, one pure in heart
Brings his virtue to perfection.
It is here, brahmin, that you should bathe,
To make yourself a refuge for all beings. (MN7)

The best of seers, with no deceptive schemes,
gained the triple knowledge, attained to holiness;
His heart cleansed, a master of discourse,
he lives ever tranquil, the finder of knowledge;
The first of all givers, he is ever capable:
The Blessed One is he, and I am his disciple. (M56)

He always sleeps well,
the brahmin who has attained nibbana,
cooled off, without acquisitions
not tainted by sensual pleasures.
Having cut off all attachments,
having removed anguish in the heart
the peaceful one sleeps well
having attained peace of mind. (AN3.53)

One should dwell free from longing
with a heart of good will.
One should be mindful and one-pointed in mind,
internally well concentrated (AN4.29)

Having conquered the army of the pleasant and
agreeable, meditating alone, i discovered bliss,
the attainment of the goal, the peace of the heart
Therefore I don’t form intimate ties with people,
nor does intimacy with anyone get a chance with me (AN10.26)

A bhikkhu should be a meditator,
One who is liberated in mind,
If he desires the heart’s attainment,
Bent on that as his advantage.
Having known the world’s rise and fall,
Let him be lofty in mind and unattached. (SN2.2)

Having struck down conceit, humble
One should pay homage to the arahants,
Those cool of heart, their tasks done,
The taintless ones, unsurpassed. (SN7.15)

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From whose heart
there is no provocation,
& for whom becoming & non-becoming
are overcome,
he— beyond fear,
with no grief—
is one the devas can’t see. (Ud2.10)

Little thoughts, subtle thoughts,
when followed, stir up the heart.
Not comprehending the thoughts of the heart,
one runs here & there,
the mind out of control.
But comprehending the thoughts of the heart,
one who is ardent, mindful,
restrains them.
When, followed, they stir up the heart,
one awakened
lets them go without trace. (Ud4.1)

From him who has seized a stick fear arises. Look at people killing (each other); I will tell of grief as it is known to me.
Seeing people struggling like fish in (a pond with) little water, seeing them obstructed by each other, a fear came over me.
The world is completely unsubstantial, all quarters are shaken; wishing for a house for myself I did not see (one) uninhabited.
But having seen (all beings) in the end obstructed, discontent arose in me; then I saw in
this world an arrow, difficult to see, stuck in the heart.
He who has been pierced by this arrow runs through all quarters; but having drawn out that arrow, he will not run, he will sit down (quietly). (snp4.15)

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There is no fire like lust and no crime like hatred. There is no ill like the aggregates (of existence) and no bliss higher than the peace (of Nibbana). (Dhp202)

Cut off any affection for one’s self,
like an autumn lotus plucked with the hand,
develop fully the path to peace and
Nibbāna taught by the Fortunate One.(Dhp285)

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