Meta ( not Metta ) Discussion On Forum Policy

This quote is from an explanation a moderator gave in another thread about that thread previously being locked:

I don’t disagree with this policy.

I do want to discuss it without suggesting that it be changed.

I run a rather large discussion forum ( not related to Buddhism ) on another web site.

I too disallow medically related discussions for the same reasons.

I also disallow discussions about suicidal feelings. As noted in the quote above, the Internet can be mean.

Having said that I eventually allowed milder emotional health issues to be discussed. The cold reality is that many, many, people do not have access to therapy, a monastic, or even someone to talk to.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many alternative Buddhist forums, let alone ones that are useful for applying the dhamma to your personal life. Of the two I know about, one is populated by kids. The other is populated by crackpots and people who enjoy turning every subject into an academic styled nitpicking debate.

No questions, no requests, and no answers.

I just wanted to express my thoughts. I hope that is allowed and understood.

Have a good weekend!


Thanks @Jhana4, moved to the Meta category.

With Metta,

I assume this is r/Buddhism and the other one is Dhammawheel.

I would recommend r/Buddhism. There’s quite a lot of regulars who can give good advice, even some minor counselling there. Although their policy is also strict on no attainment claims etc. It’s good enough for less than that level.

Just need to know to ignore the ones who are not helpful, and identify the regulars who are helpful.