Microscopic metta yields giant happiness

Greetings friends :slight_smile:

I just wanted to share an instance of microscopic size metta that has left me happy for the last 12 hours and has no sign of abating :smiley:

I know we all do this all the time, but occasionally it’s nice to have a little reminder of how small acts of kindness can yield meaningful results .

Most people don’t feel much goodwill towards mosquitos. Last night as a lean and hungry mosquito was buzzing around me, I decided to have a close look at it. So lean and emaciated… abdomen almost non-existent… Anyway I decided that I could spare a drop of blood to give it a good meal. I held our my arm, and it landed gently and proceeded to drill for a drink :slight_smile: As I watched it drink it’s fill and then gently fly away to live it’s mosquito life, I felt very happy.

The point of this is that usually I have a strong reaction with a big itchy lump rising up on the site of the mosquito bite… Not this time!! The whole tiny tiny episode was not insignificant, I’m still happy.

Metta to all beings and may you all experience a peaceful and calm day :slight_smile: :anjal::dharmawheel::heartpulse:


Once I extended Metta to a mosquito and felt that it left me alone.


Wonderfully articulated. :slightly_smiling_face:


Locally, it has been the Season of the Hungry Just Hatched Baby Spiders. I seem to have been gifted with the honor of giving meals to a dozen or so. I can spare it. May this life be a good one for them, May they use it well if they can have any intention, May they be happy, May they have peace, May they too progress towards liberation. I try to remember this, immerse in these feelings, every time I feel an itch, so the itches are reminders of happiness not anger, peace, sympathy, respect, and ultimately non attachment to body blood and the mental defensiveness so often we humans seem to resort to.I

Sorry for the run on sentences. Lol But I don’t want to fuss over it, just a passing contemplation it seemed good to share.fuss

Lol! And then I edited this, to replace auto-un-corrections, which altered the meaning.