Migrating to Pootle FS for version control

@blake just pointed out to me that Pootle 2.8, which we are using for the translations, introduces native version control integration with Github.


It looks like it’s not difficult to implement, so it would be good to get it going ASAP. In the future it will be the standard for Pootle, so it’s basically now or later.

One thing I wasn’t clear on from the docs is how synchronization is done: is it just automatic, so that when you save a segment in Pootle it syncs up? Or is there another step?

While we’re on the topic, I also just noticed that Pootle has another of our long-term desideratums, alternative source languages. I wonder if it’s possible to create a test project, even just a few lines, with source and two translations, so I can see how this works?


Unfortunately the version we are running does not have pootle_fs actually functioning and on the whole the 2.8 betas still seem to be quite flaky and hard to get working.

OTOH the alternative source languages, that can be done easy. I’ve added sn01 under german to the sn project, make sure to set “en” as an alternative source language in settings, it works as advertised.

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It does indeed, this is fantastic!

Are you sure? It’s right there in the menu under Project Tree style:


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The option is there but it doesn’t work

Ahh, clever. Just to keep people on their toes! Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on it.

One thing that just occurred to me. We will have to manage the break between saving text to Github and publishing it. I guess the translator, when they are ready, tells the dev they want to publish? Or can it be automated? A button on Pootle to say, Publish! Does Pootle FS have a native way of handling this, or is this done on the Github side?

Anyway, there must be an ID or bunch of IDs that the translator wants published. They’re converted to HTML and pushed to the site. From that point on, any changes made on Pootle should be automatically pushed through, unless the translator decides to unpublish.