Mind Games: How you personally perceive Buddha

Do you see him as Brahmana or Sramana? Thatโ€™s one awnser.

The second is the same question but after you read this sutta?

Just to see how the mind works.


One extra that I would be interested just to read how long does your mind go without chatting while seeing the wall. Can you comment the Chatter. If possible. Would be funny and interesting to read

It depends on how one defines each of these.

The Buddha often re-defined terms.

For example, if Brahmana and Sramana are both re-defined to mean an โ€œArahant,โ€ the Buddha and many members of the Sangha can rightly claim both titles.

I understand. But I think also only sramanas saw him as sramanas and brahmin saw him as brahmin. But of course he is just a Buddha. In reality he is neither. It seems very few called him Buddha in the beginning. It seems with his more popularity he kept using names given to Him. Like he probably just called the Buddhas before Sages.

I do that with each type of student also. Depending on their Faith. I have to change. But I tend to teach Iโ€™m just learning. :wink: