Mindfulness at the Computer: Alpha 6 Release

Mindfulness at the Computer: Alpha 6 Release

Mindfulness at the Computer is a mindfulness and self-care application for people spending a lot of time in front of the computer

The application reminds you to take breathing breaks, helping you be mindful on your in- and out-breath. It also reminds you to step away from the computer at intervals

More info available on the application website


For all systems: 64-bit is supported

GNU/Linux download

Systems from 2016 or newer are supported

MacOS download

High Sierra or later is supported. May work on earlier versions also

Windows download

Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported

New in Alpha 6

  • New settings GUI with a custom look-and-feel
  • Simplification: Breathing notifications are now always followed by the breathing dialog
  • Simplification of the breathing dialog
  • Bugfix: Application didn’t start on one Win10 installation, this has now been fixed

Complete list of changes from alpha 5

Help Us

We are grateful for feedback, for example please contact us if you

  • find a bug
  • have a suggestion for a new feature
  • have ideas for how to improve the interface
  • have feedback about what you like about the application and how it helps you when using the computer (we are looking for testimonials!)

You can reach us by joining our gitter chat. Also here is our gitlab project page

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Hi all, have you had time to try the latest version? What do you think of the changes we made from alpha.5?

For alpha.7 we are considering simplifying even more and removing the rest actions, would this be a good idea do you think?

Is there a way to get this on a Chromebook?

Unfortunately no, it’s only available for Win, Lin, Mac. This may change in the future though:

In the meantime there are these plugins that you may like:

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Thank you!

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Alpha 10 has now been released! Please see this post for details: Mindfulness at the Computer: Alpha 10 Release