Missing 4 last suttas in Thag?

I could not find the last 4 suttas of the Theragāthā, both Pali and English, even though they are present in the legacy website (so I assume that they are already proofread)… is it a bug?

On the legacy website:


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Ok, I found them when going to the bottom of the list of Theragāthā.

But is it normal they are not listed in the Tiṃsanipāta & Paṭhama Vagga in the left bar?


Yes, I must admit that I have found this confusing too, also with several other texts. Here the Cattā­līsa­nipāta, Paññāsanipāta, Saṭṭhinipāta and Mahānipāta are not mentioned in the vagga-list in the sidebar, possibly because there is only one sutta in each.

I don’t know if this was done by design or if there is a specific reason but I have come across this several times with different texts. I think it would make more sense that if there is a vagga-list in the sidebar, it also represents ALL suttas and not just part of them. @Sujato?


Yes, indeed, it should represent all the texts. We should list any instances we come across here:

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Thanks, but just to remind you: we agreed not to open any more github issues ourselves but it all goes through @Aminah so she can keep the overview.

Did we? I don’t recall that. @aminah, is that what you want?

Last meeting :slight_smile:

Thanks Bhante @sujato & Ayya @Vimala.

Well, we can always refer to my excellent minutes… :scream: … OMG they’re total gibberish…

By recollection, it was a middle road:

I think it probably makes most sense for y’all to add your own tickets when they are straightforward and have obvious / clearly defined completion actions that will close the ticket. All GitHub activity is recorded in Stride and I follow that closely and can keep an overview that way (and do any ‘groupings’ or whatnot afterwards if really necessary).

Where, however, the issue is a say an idea that isn’t fully baked, or a large/complex item that likely requires many steps/sub-issues (and probably an epic), maybe it is best to leave those to me at the moment.

In truth, I’m still playing with the Zen/GitHub features and figuring out how each of you work and such and am not yet sure what might be best for everyone.

Whatever the case, one of the key hopes I have is that all issues (whoever puts them up) would be action oriented (as in drafted in such a way that focuses on/clearly defines the task/s to be done to get it closed and move everything a step closer to my Inbox 0 daydream :wink: ).


Thanks, Aminah. I think we’re too early in the process to be laying down rules. Best to observe how people actually like to work, which is something we’re still figuring out, and gradually regularize the flow.


Yep! Absolutely agree, and I did say…


I was more just trying to give an ad hoc answer to a question both of you asked me… the above is roughly speaking what I said when asked at the last meeting.

Anyway, I’m already proper wise to the fact that my primary job is just to watch things flying over my head. :wink:


This makes good sense to me. It helps keep everything organized and focuses more on solutions than problems. Rather than solely “This is broken” maybe “This is broken and this is what needs to be done to fix it.” Then if anyone can help with the solution, great!

Just my 2 cents worth, if it’s even worth that much :heart: