Missing Pali words lookup in MN 137

These words do not show definitions: Rūpāyatanaṁ, saddāyatanaṁ, gandhāyatanaṁ, rasāyatanaṁ, phoṭṭhabbāyatanaṁ

This using the English Pali word lookup from MN 137.

Perhaps if you take apart the compound, take off ‘āyatana’ it will work better.

(These are the 5 ‘bāhirāni’ āyatanāni.)

You will almost always get better Pali lookup on a dedicated tool like the Digital Pali Reader:


I’ll also make a plug for my citation lookup tool that now includes links to the DPR:



Thank you. The above is quite handy. Do you know who created it? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Originally, Bhante Yuttadhammo created it as a Firefox plugin. It’s now maintained by a small team of lay volunteers. There’s a link to the project’s GitHub on the website.