Missing paragraph in Nagasena Bhiksu Sutra

chapter 2.26 of the Nagasena Bhiksu Sutta lacks the last paragraph found in the original publication of the translation, to wit

…If there is no body, there is also no touch of softness and smoothness; if there is no mind, there is also no thinking of mind objects. Due to no thinking of mind objects, there is no contact or touch; due to no contact, there is no painful or pleasant feelings; due to no painful or pleasant feelings, there is no craving; due to no craving, there is no lustful desire; due to no lustful desire, there is no embryo; due to no embryo, there is no birth; due to no birth, there is no old age; due to no old age, there is no sickness; due to no sickness, there is no death; due to no death, there is no grief; (712b) due to no grief, there is no lamentation; due to no lamentation, there is no suffering in the inner heart. So abandoning all such sufferings, one obtains the Path of nirvana.”
“Excellent, Nagasena.”


May I suggest to get the topic title slightly changed to:

“Missing paragraph in Nagasena Bhikkhu Sutra”

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Thanks for pointing this out. I have changed it and uploaded it. :pray:


@Vimala apology for causing extra hassle, just didn’t spot it right away - the missing portion had gotten mixed into the chapter 2.27 (starts with …If there is no body and ends with “Excellent, Nāgasena.”)

the link generation tool doesn’t seem to produce valid links for this text, is this because it’s not marked up?

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Thanks again! I’ve changed it. :anjal:

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