Mistake in translation Iti 68

In the quoted passage, I think the translator meant to write “They’re NOT caught up in Mara’s snare… the Wicked on can NOT do with them …”
Whoever has given up greed, hate, and delusion
Yassa kassaci, bhikkhave, rāgo pahīno, doso pahīno, moho pahīno—
is said to be free. They’re caught in Māra’s snare, and the Wicked One can do with them what he wants.”
ayaṁ vuccati, bhikkhave, ‘abaddho mārassa omukkassa mārapāso na yathākāmakaraṇīyo pāpimato’”ti. Variant: na yathākāmakaraṇīyo → na yathākāmakaraṇīyo ca (sya-all, pts-vp-pli1)


Oo that’s a good one. Cc Bhante @sujato :pray:

Oops, thanks Ayya! I’ve fixed that on Bilara, the results should show up in due course. Let us know if you find anything else.

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