MN 142 offerings to the teacher / religious donation

I’m curious about the translation of Dakkhiṇāvibhaṅga as Analysis of Offerings to the Teacher, and the “to a teacher” used in the sutta. Specifically why it says “teacher.”

I realize that the opening story is about offerings to a teacher (the Buddha). But I didn’t think the analysis part was specifically related to teachers.

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I’m digging up this old thread because I just realized in the latest edition of this sutta, “teacher’s offerings” has been changed to “religious donation”.

I’m wondering if Bhante @sujato would have time to comment on this change. If there is a thread already covering this, could someone point to it?

I notice you have also changed this in the the standard list of qualities of the Sangha:

‘The Saṅgha of the Buddha’s disciples is practicing the way that’s good, straightforward, methodical, and proper. It consists of the four pairs, the eight individuals. This is the Saṅgha of the Buddha’s disciples that is worthy of offerings dedicated to the gods, worthy of hospitality, worthy of a religious donation, worthy of greeting with joined palms, and is the supreme field of merit for the world.’

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I guess I contributed to that discussion that led to the rewording, please see The Middle Discourses: conversations on matters of deep truth

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Indeed, yes, I made the change throughout. Thanks! :pray: